Who We Are

AMITOURS GROUP with a headquarter in Switzerland is a group of European transportation companies. Amitour group offering a wide range of transportation services, all around Europe under the brand names of Alps2Alps and Amitours.

Angels for Ukraine

Knowing the tragic situation in Ukraine, we have diverted part of our fleet to help war refugees in Ukraine. In the begining of war, every day more than 100 000 Ukrainian refugees were forced to leave their homes. With no end in sight to the conflict and the need for assistance continuing to grow, our CEO realized the need to expand this project beyond its current scope. As a result, the charity fund "Angels for Ukraine" was created. The purpose of Angels for Ukraine is to bring people to safety. We are cooperating with Ukrainian hospitals, municipalities, refugee centers and local transportation companies to help as many people as possible while supporting the local economy. To date, Angels for Ukraine has relocated more than 32,000 people, most of whom are women, children and the elderly.

How you can help Angels for Ukraine

Angels for Ukraine accepts donations from individuals and institutions or organizations. All donations will be used only for the safe relocation of Ukrainian citizens: • from Ukraine to other European countries • from war zones to relatively safe regions of Ukraine • from Ukraine to Poland if they are injured, where they will continue their journey to medical facilities in other EU countries To ensure full transparency, Angels for Ukraine will publish a monthly report that will highlight how the money is raised and how it is spent. They also publish the weekly number of people transported, allowing donors to track progress.