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Featured Destinations


London is the “capital of Europe” and one of the most famous and vibrant cities in the World. Its multitude of cultures, nationalities and ethnicities mix with the strong traditional English customs, creating an inebriating melting pot that will both surprise and astound you.


Paris is the capital city of France and is full of places you just have to visit at least once in a lifetime. This city perfectly combines modern and historical style, so everyone will find their favourite place. Tours in Paris are an excellent choice for exploring the city.


Vienna is the capital city of Austria. Culture and history lovers will enjoy the majestic palaces and interesting abbeys, while nature lovers will be astonished by the grace of Alps or enjoy beautiful river cruises.


Zurich being located in the heart of Switzerland and in the centre of Europe is one of the most important financial centres of the world and a unique mix of well-preserved old town and hectic modern life having magnificent view of the snowy Alps.


The French speaking city famous as “World’s Smallest Metropolis” is situated on the banks of Lake Geneva, right at the foot of the Alps. Numerous scientific congresses, different museum exhibits make Geneva the most international and visited city in Switzerland.